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Your data can certainly be in the cloud for easy access, but did you know you could easily share data with your employees and business partners too?  

Whether your data is too big to email or if you have employees in different locations, you can use the cloud for storage, backup or to run your software programs.  It is an efficient, affordable and almost fun way to manage what you do.



Basically this means we can keep track of your equipment from our offices remotely. And we can keep your computers secure and protected with managed solutions for anti-virus and filtered web access.

Cloud Computing

  • System Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Web Filtering
  • Remote Access

There's a lot of talk about this service for small businesses. Basically, it allows us to monitor and manage your computers and network from our shop.  

The monitoring will alert us if there's a problem on your network, like low drive space, a missed backup or a virus. Chances are we will know about problems before you will.

We install software on your computers that will manage anti-virus, security updates, software updates and more.  We can even filter your internet access so that employees don't go somewhere they shouldn't or somewhere malicious.

This service includes the ability for us to attach to your computers remotely with just a click if you need help.  This remote access support is unlimited if you are covered under our contract.  And if we have to come on-site, you receive a reduced labor rate.  

We have 2 certified and trained network technicians that perform on-site repairs and installations and we can generally come same day if you're in real trouble. Viruses, Malware or a computer that won't print and much more.  Call us for help and we can get you back in business quickly and affordably.  

While many of today's technologies can be installed by yourself, sometimes you need a pro.  And whether it's traditional network wiring or wifi, we can make sure it's fast, available and secure.

Cloud Computing

These days having anytime, anywhere access to your data is commonplace.  If this is not true for your business, ask us how we can get you there safely and securely.

managed it services

on-site service

While our shop is equipped to handle all types of repairs, we have technicians that can be dispatched for on-site repairs, installations, upgrades and networking.