TVS and sound

We can install your computer, printer or other device in your home.  We can even prep them in our shop and migrate all the programs and data here and then bring the new to your home and get it going for you.  We can also offer advice on the purchase of your new computer or device.  Just ask!


Since most TVs and sound systems require network/wifi connectivity, it's a natural for us to be installing and integrating this equipment with your computers and other devices.


Keep all your stuff properly and securely connected to your wifi network by making sure you have a right-sized solution that eliminates dead spots and runs fast.

In today's home, networking is getting more complicated because of the number of devices that are connected to your network; computers, printers, scanners, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, e-book readers, sound systems, security cameras, smart TVs and more!  Managing that connectivity to keep things reliable, speedy, available and secure can be tricky - mostly due to the number of devices vying for the same wifi signal or trying to cover all the "dead spots".

Repairing computers and iPhones/iPads is a large part of our business.  We are Microsoft Partners and Apple-Certified so we are capable of working on just about any computer or device in our state-of-the-art shop in Fair Haven.  We also have field technicians that can come to your home and we can even take over your computer remotely.

Since Smart TVs and wifi sound systems came on the scene, we've been integrating them into home networks.  Being able to take pictures and videos from your iPhone or iPad and wirelessly project them to your TV is one of the best things ever.

If you're a music lover, controlling the speakers in your house from your smartphone is fantastic.  Not only volume, but what's playing, including Pandora, Sirius and Spotify.

wifi and NETWORKing

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Liquid Spills
  • Cracked Screens

Upgrading your desktop or laptop can extend its life...sometimes by a lot!  The latest hard drive technology, Solid State Drive (SSD), has made it possible for older computers to run like new again.  You have to see it to believe it!  We can "clone" your existing hard drive and move everything to a newer/faster hard drive.  And if we add more RAM at the same time...WOW!

repair, install and upgrade

Repair, install and upgrade

Desktops, Laptops, iPhones, iPads and more.  Fix, add or upgrade...we can handle it. Most times this happens in our shop in Fair Haven, but we come on-site too to surrounding towns.

  • System Tune-ups
  • Data Recovery
  • New System Migration
  • Password Resets

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