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wifi and networking

In today's home, networking is getting more complicated because of the number of devices that are connected to your network; computers, printers, scanners, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, e-book readers, sound systems, security cameras, smart TVs and more!  Managing that connectivity to keep things reliable, speedy, available and secure can be tricky - mostly due to the number of devices vying for the same wifi signal or trying to cover all the "dead spots".

wifi history lesson

In the past, to get good wifi, you needed to run wires to Wireless Access Points (WAPs).  That's right...to get good wifi you needed wires.  In many homes built after 1990 this wiring may exist.  If it does, then you should deploy WAPs to cover your whole house.  The rule of thumb is 1 WAP (or radio) for every 1000 square feet of coverage.  Not just the size of your house, but the areas that need the coverage, including decks, patios, poolside, etc.  

If you don't have wires, running them in a finished home can be a challenge.  Enter Wifi Boosters and Wifi Range Extenders. They stink.  It can sometimes give that dead spot in your kitchen or den a little more signal strength, but the speed is terrible and it often ends up creating a second wifi network, which has challenges all its own.  So what's a wifi-lover with dead spots to do?

wireless mesh networks

A wifi miracle!  This new technology, which become readily available in 2016 by a handful of manufacturers, has changed everything.  Now we can deploy wifi radios without wires to get you the coverage you need. We have installed many of these and the results have been AMAZING!  Good signal strength everywhere in your home and fantastic speed as well.  And no wires!